The American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA), together with our industry partner – The Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA), endorse and promote the Parental Advisory System (PAS) System for rating coin-operated video games.

The core of the system is the Parental Advisory Disclosure Message. The system was developed to educate consumers about the content of various video games, using an easy to follow color-coded system.

The color-coded messages allow parents easy recognition of games with mild or strong sexual or violent content. Under the System, all newly manufactured games will carry the coding either in the artwork, on a sticker affixed to the game header or in the game’s attract mode.

As part of the System, AAMA and AMOA, have agreed to a landmark industry-wide Code of Conduct that will help raise awareness of and compliance with the new System. In a further effort to ensure widespread implementation of the System, AAMA and AMOA have collaborated on the development and implementation of a comprehensive program targeting manufacturers, developers, distributors, location-owners and operators of video games.

To obtain a Game Rating Form, Manufacturer Code of Conduct or PACT Signatory Letter, please contact the AAMA at 847.290.9088.

Download the game ratings list
Download a PAS Sticker & Poster Order Form
Further details on the Parental Advisory System