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Fair Play Pledge

The Fair Play Pledge (FPP) is an initiative of the American Amusement Machine Association, (AAMA) that ensures the games AAMA member companies offer for sale or use in the United States meet a standard of performance that allows a player a fair chance of winning with every game played. The criteria of the FPP include:

1. An opportunity exists that allows for players to win by the application of skill such that they player will have sufficient time to identify, recognize and react with every game play.

2. A player can improve with practice and experience.

3. The player’s input controls the outcome of the game.

All member companies are required to have an officer sign the FPP Attestation of Compliance indicating they understand the FPP policies and procedures and will comply with the criteria set forth. Each member company will implement the FPP and conduct an annual review of it’s compliance with the FPP.