Universal Connector Link System

The AAMA Standardization Committee released an update to their newly published Universal Connector Link (UCL) System Manual.  Following the launch of the UCL system and initial feedback from the industry, the Standardization Committee made a few adjustments to the wiring, in an effort to connect the debit card systems to games with 2 ticket dispensers.   The [...]

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AAMA Hails Successful Meeting, Celebrates Rick Kirby’s Lifetime Achievement

The American Amusement Machine Association's annual membership and board meeting was among the best attended -- and action-packed. Among the highlights: 11 product presentations by manufacturers spanning two days; a live update from the Mint on possible changes to the composition of U.S. coins; and the Distributors Gala. The climax: a celebration awards dinner on Thursday evening, Aug. 7, honoring Rick Kirby...

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