Universal Connector Link System

The AAMA Standardization Committee released an update to their newly published Universal Connector Link (UCL) System Manual.  Following the launch of the UCL system and initial feedback from the industry, the Standardization Committee made a few adjustments to the wiring, in an effort to connect the debit card systems to games with 2 ticket dispensers.   The [...]

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Dentons Releases Election Insight 2014

Following a very exciting November 4th Election Day, AAMA's legislative and lobbying firm , Dentons US LLP, has released their Election Insight 2014.  This report offers an evaluation of the election results and a comprehensive look at the resulting make up in Washington, D.C.  Dentons has put together a valuable and interesting report that is well worth the read. [...]

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Rtown Academy – Free Webinar

The next free webinar, brought to you through Rtown Academy (www.rtownacademy.com), will feature industry expert Kurt Harz of Brunswick Bowling. FEC Trend Watch: Multi-Tainment Wednesday, June 4 @ 12PM CDT Combining family entertainment attractions and bowling centers has been a growing trend over the past five years. It has proven to be a profitable solution [...]

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