The Executive Committee is made up of the Executive officers of the AAMA Board of Directors.

  • President – Joe Camarota, Alpha Omega Sales
  • Vice President – Bryan Aune, AMI Entertainment
  • Treasurer – Rich Babich, Game Exchange of Colorado
  • Assistant Treasurer – Rick Kirby, Betson Enterprises
  • Secretary – Frank Cosentino, BANDAI NAMCO Amusement America
  • Assistant Secretary – Jonathan Durst, Pyramid Technologies
  • Past President – Holly Hampton, Bay Tek Entertainment


The Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for setting policies for the association’s annual meeting and gala.  These individuals work with the AAMA staff to create a successful week of meetings, networking opportunities, education and social events.


The AAMA FEC Committee serves to provide an open community to allow the FEC member a clearing for transparent communication around relevant challenges and opportunities. The FEC Committee’s goal is to allow the FEC Operators to have a voice in the industry while offering a line of communication to game manufacturers and distributors.


The AAMA serves as the legislative voice of the coin-operated amusement industry in dealing with a variety of government issues which directly affect the industry. The committee works closely with its Lead Counsel,  Michael Zolandz of Dentons US, to monitor these  issues as we track events occurring on Capitol Hill.

Over the years, the Association has worked on a number of key issues, including: the Dollar Coin; strengthening trademark and copyright laws; and other pertinent issues. In 2003, the AAMA, along with its committee, held its annual meeting in Washington, D.C. The event included AAMA Board of Directors and committee meetings, as well as a special Congressional Luncheon in the Capitol building. The event was a proactive effort  to educate Members of Congress on the industry’s concerns and issues and inform them of ways in which they support our industry.

Overall, these efforts allow the AAMA to maintain a visible presence in our nation’s Capitol.


In an effort to promote the industry on a domestic level, the Industry Promotion Committee works hard to seek out new programs which enable our members to expose their product(s) to the general public and to potential customers.

One of AAMA’s biggest member benefit programs is the Location Trade Show Program.

How does the Location Trade Show Program work?

The AAMA purchases a pavilion of several booths at shows such as Bowl Expo, RSA Convention and Trade Show, and IAAPA. We then sell space within those pavilions to AAMA members. Member companies receive a prime location on the trade show floor within the AAMA pavilion. Not only does the AAMA pavilion make a bigger impact than a company exhibiting on its own; the AAMA receives great locations within the show itself.

By actively participating in different trade shows, the AAMA insures the exposure for coin-operated amusement equipment to a variety of industries where coin-op may be used to generate increased location income.

Industry Promotion efforts also include the creation of up-to-date sales tools such as videos and brochures as well as our newly revamped website. The AAMA publishes its Membership Directory, where  each member is entitled to a FREE listing. What makes the AAMA Directory unique is the fact that we actively utilize it as a marketing piece, distributing it at Location Trade Shows, as well as offering it on our website.  Members interested in advertising in the Directory to get their company in front of thousands of prospective buyers should contact Tina Schwartz at AAMA headquarters.

The Industry Promotion Committee does a wonderful job insuring that the Association portrays a positive image for the coin-op industry.


The AAMA Membership Committee works to improve upon the benefits offered to AAMA members , as well as addressing membership related issues that affect the Association and the industry.

The Committee has successfully implemented several benefits over the years, including  discounted member rates on trade shows, such as the Amusement Expo. Other benefit programs include: car rental, hotel, and telecommunications discounts; freight programs; and discounted advertising rates within trade press publications.

The Committee also works in conjunction with other AAMA committees to promote the Location Trade Show Program and Foreign Business Development.  Committee members are always researching new avenues for member benefits and discounts.  The AAMA always welcomes new ideas for benefit programs.  For membership questions, or to propose a benefit idea, please contact Tina Schwartz in the AAMA office at 847.290.9088.


The Standardization Committee is a group of volunteers from different member companies that work together to create standards for the manufacturing of products. These volunteers come from not only our manufacturer member companies, but also our supplier and location/operator member companies, to ensure that all stages of production and use are brought into consideration.  Created in 2014, this committee serves to simplify the manufacturing and service of new products by creating manuals and guidelines for manufacturers that will improve the quality of products.

The first manufacturing guideline established by the Standardization Committee is the Universal Card Link System (UCL). The purpose of this system is to simplify the installation of video, redemption, and card systems, prevent miswiring, and ensure quicker setups. The UCL Manual can be downloaded here.


The joint venture’s Board of Directors shall be comprised of eight (8) directors — four from AMOA and four from AAMA.

The Board of Directors shall negotiate and contract with professional trade show management organizations, establish exhibitor requirements and set a budget for the Show, rates for rental of exhibitor space and registration rates subject to approval by the Boards of Directors of the Parties.


  • Bryan Aune, AMI Entertainment Network
  • Joe Camarota, Alpha Omega Sales
  • Ryan Cravens, Stern Pinball
  • Allen Weisberg, Apple Industries


The Education Committee creates opportunities to educate members through events and content. Including the AAMA Annual Meeting, FEC Connect, Member Connect Webinars, and the AEI Education Program.

Executive Committee
Annual Meeting Committee
FEC Committee
Government Relations
Industry Promotion Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Standardization Committee
Amusement Expo Board
Education Committee

Interested in making a difference in the coin operated industry by serving on one of the many AAMA committees? Call AAMA for more information at 847.290.9088 or complete our committee sign-up survey here.