The AAMCF sponsors fundraising events throughout the year and during Amusement Expo International and our Annual Meeting & Gala, with a portion of the proceeds going to children’s charities. To date, the AAMCF has donated nearly $2,000,000 to children’s charities across the globe.

Working to help children in need since 1983!



Five years ago, the AAMA dramatically changed the way we honor our annual Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. We now celebrate the honoree with a Lifetime Achievement Award – Souvenir Ad Journal, the proceeds of which go to support AAMCF Charities. We’re so pleased to share with you that over these 5 years, this souvenir ad journal has raised nearly $400,000 for AAMCF Charities. That speaks volumes to the character and quality of the individuals being honored and the charitable nature of you, our members.

This year’s honoree, Larry Treankler, continues the tradition of recognizing outstanding individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to our industry. Larry’s father, Mel, started Bay Tek in 1977. In 1979 he, along with Larry, MaryAnn and Carl, started MCL in 1979 in the basement of the family home. They decided to work together for four foundational reasons; to work with those they love and care about, to create opportunities for those they love and care about, to make an impact on their customers and suppliers, and to run successful businesses to be able to give back to the communities they work and live in.  Within a few years, Larry and Carl decided to buy out Mel’s three partners in Bay Tek, making both companies truly family owned and operated. Larry served as CEO of Bay Tek Games from 1982-2012 before he was reunited with the MCL team in 2012.

Thank you for helping us celebrate Larry by placing a congratulatory ad in the Lifetime Achievement Award Journal honoring him for this prestigious recognition. The Ad Journal was distributed during our Annual Meeting Gala Dinner, October 4, 2018. Net proceeds will go towards supporting children’s charities including the Children’s Miracle Network, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN), and Camp Sunrise.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the AAMCF office at 847.290.9088. We thank you in advance for your participation and generosity when it comes to our fundraising efforts.

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oltmann-photoJ. Richard Oltmann, an amusement industry icon, celebrated life as an accomplished operator, location owner, game designer and all around innovator. His passion and generosity for the industry were unsurpassed. From classes and tours at his Enchanted Castle location to one-on-one consulting sessions with industry colleagues, Richard dedicated his life to the betterment of the industry.

In 2010, Mr. Oltmann was acknowledged with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA). Mr. Oltmann was known as one of the most creative minds in the industry for uncompromising locations he ran and the award-winning products he designed and produced. His brilliant business acumen was only surpassed by the high standard of integrity he held himself to, the compassion he displayed towards others and his generous sharing of best practices with the entire industry. “It is my passion to give back all that I learned to make this industry a better place than when I started,” he said when presented with the award in Las Vegas.

Mr. Oltmann lost his courageous battle with cancer on May 30th, 2015. In keeping with his passion and focus on education, his wife of 51 years, Diane; son, Richie; and daughter, Dawn, have worked with the American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation (AAMCF) to establish the J. Richard Oltmann Memorial Scholarship Fund. The AAMCF is honored to be a part of continuing Richard’s legacy.

To donate to the J. Richard Oltmann Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact an AAMCF representative at 847.290.9171 or email [email protected]


We’ve begun soliciting donations for one of our principle fundraising activities, The 2019 Amusement Expo International Honor Roll. We’ve set an aggressive goal of $37,500 for this year’s Honor Roll and with your help, we’re confident we can meet and perhaps exceed this amount. There are various sponsorship opportunities, and all of the net proceeds support our charities!

If you’ve been an Honor Roll sponsor in the past, thank you- I hope you will join our Honor Roll of AAMCF Supporters again.

If you’re new, please join the many members and companies that are a part of our Foundation Family.




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